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We are “Will Partners.”

We picked this name, from the combination of “Will (Accomplish the same goal)” and “Partners (Mates) “.

“Trust & Challenge”

Under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global efforts are underway to achieve the goals by 2030.

In line with the purpose of Corporate Citizenship, we believe our effort in social contribution will help achieve the SDGs.

To be more specific, we are actively working on the following tasks:

e-commerce sites

Sales of high-quality products on cross-border e-commerce sites

Our focus is on sustainable development. We do this by selling high-quality Japanese products world-wide through cross-border e-commerce sites such as eBay, creating a recycle oriented society that has less impact on the environment and planet, by practicing activities that are sustainable.

In addition, we encourage those who are mentally/physically challenged to apply for sale associate positions that are responsible for e-commerce sales.

For small to medium-sized companies and sole proprietors in rural areas, we encourage them to rediscover the quality of Japanese products, and to resell/export on the cross-border e-commerce site. We also took the opportunity to expand our sales channels and contribute to their world-wide sales.

In addition, our expertise on e-commerce sales help provide companies the support they need on exporting.

advice on financing

Advice on financing and business revitalization plans for small and medium-sized companies and sole proprietors in rural areas.

The spread of the coronavirus has changed the world, especially the small and local businesses.

We provide advice on how to develop new sales channels, how to raise new funds, how to formulate a plan for business revitalization, and how to negotiate with financial institutions.

If necessary, we provide backup revitalization plan in cooperation with consulting companies specializing in business revitalization.

Please feel free to consult with us.

In Kurashiki-City, where we were founded, there was a great businessman named Magosaburo Ohara.

We believe it is the time for us to learn from his wonderful achievement, to envision what our company should look like in 10 years and to create a new business model in line with the SDGs.

I sincerely hope to revitalize the region, especially the local economy.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Will Partners CEO

Person from Kurashiki-City

About the Representative

He has experience in lending, sales, and foreign exchange at a commercial bank and an understanding of the financial system.

  • When a company prepares to go public, he was involved in the preparation for the IPO, the development and operation of the IR system after the IPO, the establishment and operation of the foundation, and the management of the shareholders’ meetings.
  • At a company preparing for IPO, he became experienced in IR system development and operation, establishment and operation of foundations, operation of shareholders meetings, introduction of management plan, etc.,
  • Gaining knowledge of dollar-denominated accounting and cash management
  • To rebuild the acquired company, he was transferred to the subsidiary. While carefully examining the details of transactions, he established proper accounting methods, identifying problems, and worked to solve them. Establishing a corporate structure capable of generating profits.
  • To liquidate past debts, he oversaw the organizing a new banking group to establish mezzanine financing with an IPO as an exit.
Representative's career